TH50PX60 has died after 11 days


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Went to switch on our TH50PX60 and it didnt even go onto standby. Checked the fuse etc and still nothing, theres no power coming from the TV.

It had been working superbly well up to now and had been on for a few hours this afternoon and i turned it off via the standby button on the set itself.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem with the 50PX60 and also what the aftersales service is like with Richer Sounds? (what will i get as a replacement).

Edited to say................................The Tv is now working and it was a problem with my "electrical skills".......and i wont embarras myself further!


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cue the usuall people telling you how crap the 50px60 is:D

richer sounds are usually great for refunds,returns
you should probably get a replacement no problem


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I would gladly take another as a replacement as i was very well pleased with it, albeit dissapointed that its now not working.

I certainly dont want this one repaired but i will see what they say in the morning.

I might also have a look at the PX70 just to compare


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Richer Sounds are Brill. They have been fantastic with me and swap out is very very quick about a day or 2 well has for me :thumbsup:


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could you not get hold of another px60,or have you decided to wait for the 70atleast if you pm with john lewis for the 70 when its out you will get 5 years cover.probably gonna cost you a few hundred more but at least your covered.

read his first post mate the edited bit


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Yes, i would like to say its my only fau'par but i cant.:rotfl:

On the brightside though, i still get to see the footie this evening on HD :clap:

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