th50 st30 screen reflection


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i was wondering if any one could tell whats the 50" st30 like with screen reflection. my living room has picture window at the end and i get some relections from my current 7404 philips.

if its bad any ideas of another set around the same price and size



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There are people who have returned or decided against the ST30 due to reflections - this is something that you'll get with all plasmas and many glossy screened LCDs

Unfortunately, the ST30 is such a good price at the moment, you won't easily find anything else that big

I believe the LG LCDs/LED-LCDs may have matt screens and you'll maybe get a 47" for £700 (probably won't outperform the ST30). The 46" Samsungs will all be shiny (and won't be 3D for £700) and the Sonys too expensive too in a 46"

Maybe look at something like this LG 47LW540U | 47 inch 3D LED TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview | Richer Sounds

Only plasmas come in 50"-51" screens. LCDs in 46-47 and then 55 (which will be £1300+)

Might be time for thicker curtains :D
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