TH42PZ70, any cons ?


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I was looking at 1080p lcd's for a while but was put off with various issues
syumbled across a thread mentioning this TV and it seems there is no problems using this tv with hd or sd, even 1080p/24 is fine!
could even any of the most expensive lcds compete with this set ??


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could even any of the most expensive lcds compete with this set ??

IMO they would all struggle to compete with most of the current crop of plasmas



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Its unlikely an LCD will compare for SD especially a 1080p one (in fact I know it does'nt). On HD feeds the gap closes significantly imo. The Sony X2000 looks really good with HD feeds, but is is beaten hands down on all around preformance especially SD. Was/am in the same position. New Sony X3000 LCD or Panny PZ 70/700/750? I'm leaning towards the Panny I will be sitting 8-10 feet and personally do perfer and notice the the extra benifit of 1080p. Although the new Pio's do the best in SD preformance imo, the pannys extra pixels make HD look really good.

In answer to your question its possible the Fujitsu 37" LCD may give it some competition but for £3000 you'd hope so. The panny will be beat the others for all around preformance, especially with SD.

I'm not sure of the 24fps part?

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