TH42PX600B (screen only!) JL price match wanted


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...having been disappointed by Digital Direct and their recent "misprice":rolleyes: :thumbsdow on the above set (with wall bracket) I'm now emotionally attached and determined to get one of these sets!

Ideally, I want the TH42PX600BWAL (with a wall bracket) but since JL don't stock this one (or the wall brackets which you try to price match with are invariably differnet to the ones which JL supply) I am looking to price match a TH42PX600B screen-only. I will buy a wall bracket seperate...

Appreciate if you can let me know the best price you can find this screen-only set at - I want to try and order this tomorrow morning!

Best one I've found is Dixons which comes in at £1507.42 (with YAW288 discount code) + £24.99 £1532.41.

Help :lease:


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Totally agree with you .... "emotionally attached" is exactly right !!

If you go through you can pick up another 3.5% discount too .... but I doubt there will be a deal for less than £1100 for a long time on this set !! :(

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