TH42PX600 going to go for this good choice?


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as seems the best,even tho its a bit over the budget.

a few questions
will be used with sky hd for watching loads of football and also playing ps2 then ps3 and maybe a dvd player.

can anyone tell me if i need to buy any extra cables or out for this?

also am buying with cabinet stand

is dixons the cheapest place to buy the tv and stand from ?

do u think i have made the right option.


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Just a quick note to let you know that the th42px600 is available at digital direct with a wall bracket for 988 plus delivery.
We've just ordered one hoping they'll honour the price cos it looks SOooooooooo low!
We're planning on getting either a stand or pedestal separately (Stand £249 or Pedestal £149 both at John Lewis)
Just a newbie to all this so cant answer the other questions


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If the deal works out with the Plasma and you decide to go the Pedestal route I have a brand new one, still in sealed box which I don't need. I am sure we could come to an arrangement pricewise.

The box is large and heavy so a pickup would be best. PM me if interested.



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Just received an email from digital direct informing me that my order has been cancelled due to a pricing mistake!

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