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Hi Everybody

JL has PM Empire Direct for TH42PX60 at £1350, but they are charging me £30extra for delivery.

I am planning of not paying the £30 and take the tv in my car boot (Ford Mondeo 5 doors).

Can anyone tell me the size of the box that the TV (with stand) comes in please?

Many thanks



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Yes - its massive. And its not good to lie it down - its supposed to be kept standing up so wouldn't fit in your car.

Check the PX600 owners thread - dimensions in there are about right.


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Why would you want the hassle of picking it up yourself and transporting it for the sake of £30.

I could understand on something to the value of £100,but not something at this price.


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Plus when its del you can inspect it for damage and turn it back if its not perfect. If you take it home yourself and its damaged then you are in a bit of a grey area. I make my customers inspect the set for cosmetic damage if they want to take something that big home themselves. You would be surprised how many "damaged" take away sets you get compared to delivered sets.

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