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Please help, I am just about to invest in my first plasma and have narrowed it down to a 42 inch Panasonic. I have found a bargain buy TH42PW5 for ₤2100, but can't find a PW6 (in silver) anywhere for less than ₤2800. Is there much of a difference between the two to warrant spending the extra ₤700.

Also is it worth buying the media box with it?



thanks for that, any ideas on the comparison between the two sets?


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Bit tricky, some PW5 owners tend to think the 6 series was a step backwards. However, some PW6 onwers think the 6 series solved two main issues with the PW5, namely the buzzing problem and the screen flickering problem.

I have a 6 series and love it, but didn't compare it to a 5, only other plasma manufacturers.

Given the slight difference in cost between the PW5 and PW6 that I found, I would go for the 6 series, especially as the 7 series is due out Sept some time...

You could also look at the PWD6 which is the same as the PW6 just in a black (charcoal) finish - this is a little cheaper again and almost exaclty the same price as the PW5 you have been offered.

Good Luck! ;)


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