TH42PV500CAB owners i need your help


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Oct 6, 2005
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hi guys

just been pointed to this site from a friend :thumbsup:

I'm thinking of buying a TH42PV500CAB for £2900 inc postage and home set up from a Panasonic shop near me in Newton Abbot Devon, but before i hand over my hard earned cash I have some Q's

Q1. I know i could get it cheaper over the net but im unsure who to goto to on the net to get a better deal due to scams etc... with the net anyone know who i can goto

Q2. the local shop is offering an extra 3yr warranty with the plasma is this worth it?

Q3 anyone else got any comments ie pro's and cons on this model PLMK as I feel you can always get a better answer from someone who has one of these plasma tv's than from a sales guy in the shop

kind regards

Neil Warren
Hi there, I have this set. I got it from Dixons online for £2335 including delivery. Yeah we all know Dixons staff are not great for advice, but 2 things swung it for me. The Price, and the logistics of a large company. This means it gets delivered when they say it will, and if anything goes wrong they sort it out. Tiny net firms are great at delivering good prices, they talk the talk in other words, but can they walk the walk? I.e. get it to you in good time and deal with any hassles quickly. If you go that route, look for feedback from people who have used them before. Personally I dont think extended warranties are worth the paper they are written on, but that's just my humble opinion based upon trying to get a claim on one (think taking days off work waiting for an engineer who never arrives.....)

The biggest concern for me with this set, and I should say only SOME of us have had this trouble is image retention from channel logos. If you get one that suffers from it, it is scary how fast it builds up, we are talking a few hours to burn in followed by days and days to clear it. And running the set in does NOT make it any more resistant to image retention. I still have a residue of the cbeebies logo on mine, and I dont think it is going to clear anymore, although you only see it now under certain light/colour combinations. Also, the cab stand is not worth £500. It looks great but the base is made of fairly soft MDF type material that is easily dented. Also it makes the set dominate the room. I think the set looks best on the wall.
have you considered

i'm not sure if they have them in stock but not only cant they do the talking and walking but they can dance too. They're very nice and are more than willing to help you out.

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