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TH42PV500, KDLV40A12U or LE40M61B


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One plasma versus 2 LCD's - cananyone give me any advice. Is the Bravia V Series better than I'm seeing it in the shops? It's expensive, but it's on my list coz I can get a disount on it. The TH42PV500 and 37" looked very good today opn high def feeds and the Samsung LE40M61B is looking like an amazing spec but I can't make a desicion. I guess this should be in the LCD section but I'd value any opinons to support plasma over LCD. I get the impression that the plasma technology has com a long wany in recent years, but I'm naturally concerned about logo-burn or image retention or whatever else it's called.

Plasma owners - what say you? Any Samsung owners please come forward....


Had the Sony - crap with low def (SD) - no seriously dissapointing. I got taken in by the hype of someone on the Sony LCD Ownership guide thread. Now I've got the TH-37pv500 and it blows the Sony away in terms of both picture and sound - a superb piece of kit.

My next aquisition is a pdp-436xde Pioneer (as I've already sold the Panasonic to the Father-in-law). Let's hope I won't regret it.


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Great advice - I'm currently at 121electricals website pondering the 37PV500. I'm thinking about the smaller size as I suddenly realised that I'm only sat at 8ft away. The 42" might be too "pixel-obvious" at that distance and the 37" is now £1700 with a wall bracket - perfect for my needs. With the resolution only being 1024 across will PS3 and Xbox360 suffer at all? All LCD's seem to be 1366 x 768 and that sounds better - espcially horizontally - but I have no idea whether or not LCD's and Plasma's have different pixel aspect ratios. I saw the PV500 series running almost 6 months ago and that was the reason I started looking into a HD TV - blew me away. I think my first impressions may have been right.

The KDLV40 is still in my mind though as I get a significant discount because of where I work (£1500 ish), but picture quality is still my primary concern and I'd rather pay for something that's good at everything - SD, HD, DVD, NextGen Games etc etc.

I'd love to buy a pioneer 436XDE because it's by far the best TV I've seen in action, but I don't quite have that much cash available and it may be too big. I think the 37" is looking like a worthy winner in my mind....I'll sleep on it.


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I've just ordered the 37" from sound and vision - with wall bracket....

Plasma it is then....


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8' is a bit too close for SD on the 42PV500 imho. The artefacts will annoy.

The Bravia is much worse though and the Samsung (if it's anything like the 51 series) is apalling at SD. Good decision.


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Thanks for your input guys - I'll post pictures soonish.

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