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Hey Guys

I Bought the PX70 on saturday..............completly over the moon with absolutly fantastic television

I do however have a little problem i could do with some of your fantastic advice on.

As this television is in my bedroom i want to use it as the primary screen for my PC as well....

Yesterday i used the D-Sub connection to connect to my PC and it worked fine, although the image wasnt very clear..............

Later on in the day i planned to connect it up properly, play with the settings and the resolutions to get the best picture, but when i connect the cable into the D-Sub port i got no i restarted the the windows loading screen on the television and then blank screen.......

Can anybody please help me get the PC picture back


Recommend a better way of connecting my PC to this fantastic television




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sounds like you are ausing a resolution taht is too high i think the native res of the 37" is 1024x768 so try that first but it defiantely has them listed in the manual if you wanna check


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i will do mate.....................

is using the D Sub the best way to connect my PC up or is there a way i can use one of the HDMI sockets?



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well i would suggest that yeah vga is fine and using the pixel settings in media player even when using a 1024x768 res you can view video in the right ratio. I think it needs to be on 1.330 to be correct.

if you are going to be using a hd-dvd or blu ray drive then might be worth investing in an hdmi graphics card and running a native 720p output. This way you will not have any hdcp isues later on.


Does anybody know if the Radeon X1650 can support HD?

I am going to hook up my Panny 42PZ70 via the DVI-I out on the card into the HDMI input of the TV, but don't have the TV yet, get it on Saturday. I have bought a cable with the above connections from ebuyer to enable me to do this.

If anybody knows that this won't work, I'd appreciate it as I can probably still cancel the cable. Cheers.

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