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TH37PX60 or 600 which one?


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Hi All
Noob here. Been looking to get a Plasma for like 3 years, when finally my 28" Sony CRT blew up!:thumbsup:
Anyway, i had narrowed my choice to the TH37PX60, when I noticed the 600
I have seen the 60 for under a Grand, where as the 600 is around £1500.
Would I notice the differences in quality and would you recommend goind for the 600, or saving £500 and getting the 60?
Been into several shops, but obviously commissions and sales figures give different opinions.
Any help appreciated


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Personally I wouldn't be prepared to pay the premium for the 600. as postings here suggest both sets have the same panel and PQ will be identical. Some people feel that the 600 is aesthetically more pleasing but IMO not to the extent that I would pay the difference. Perhaps consider a good sound kit to go with the 60 with the money saved. Another consideration is that the 42PX6O is only marginally more than the 37PX60. Moving up from a 28 to a 37 seems a big difference at first but believe me after a few weeks you might be wishing you had gone bigger-believe me. I bought the 42 PX60 and would have preferred the 50 but not prepared to pay the price difference. But given the 42 and 37 are not poles apart price wise, I know which way I would go. Ultimately it's your choice but this might help you to choose.:smashin:


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Wait for 3 more months and you get the PX600 at the cost of PX60 as I am hearing news from retail stores in Tokyo that the PX60 may be decommissioned in Q1 of 2007. This is not 100% confirmed but thought is worth mentioning.


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I don't think that I can wait another 3 months. Since the Sony ceased to play, we have been watching a 21" Philips, and i've refused to watch a DVD on it.
As for 37-42, yes the price difference is minimal, I just don't have a huge livingroom, and didn't want to be sitting too close. Seating position to display would be 3m approx.
Also not that worried about SQ, as I already have a Bose prologic speaker setup off a Yamaha 757 amp.
The main difference that I can see between them is the Contrast ratio:
4000:1 on the 60, and 10000:1 on the 600. Would I notice the differences.


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"Apparently", one of the main differences between the 2 is the upgraded speaker set up in the 600. However, as you have a surround system then that shouldnt make much difference.

I was offered the 600 but opted for the 60 and saved the money.

Its being fed buy a pioneer 696 dvd player via hdmi and a pace sky box via scart.

From what i see, the PQ with sky is excellent and the dvd, even tho its a cheapie pioneer, is wonderful.

Best thing to do is get yourself down your local retailer and see the differences in the flesh. But you must also bear in mind that SD feed in stores is not very good so i would recommend a demo with dvd via hdmi.

So, all in all, i felt that the 600 was not worth the extra money and the 60 is worth every single penny:thumbsup:

Oh, and by the way, my 60 was delivered yesterday afternoon, and was up and running by the evening, just in time for the wife and kids to watch the bloody X factor! It was only when they all went off to bed that i could truly give it a test drive!!!!


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The main difference that I can see between them is the Contrast ratio:
4000:1 on the 60, and 10000:1 on the 600. Would I notice the differences.[/QUOTE]

Not sure that this is correct- It is 10000:1 for both the 60 and the 600 unless i'm mistaken.:confused:


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You are right!
i've seen so many specs, with differing figures!
Just popped into atlantic electronics, who have it for 999 for the ped, and it seems Panasonic are now offering a 5 year warranty!
They are less than a mile from my house, so if I cant fit it into my partners golf cabby, i'm gonna carry it home!
just worried that they will drop in price in the next month!

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