TH37Pe50 noise problem


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Dec 23, 2004
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I've had my Th37pe50 for nearly a week now and I have been watching it non stop since, even taking time off work to enjoy the experience. I am aware of an apparant buzzing noise on the PV500 and have discovered a more irritating noise becoming more apparant as the week goes on. It started after a few hours and has seemingly got worse. If I break away from the Film I am watching I hear a faint sound as if some one is shouting from a long way away "are you still watching that bloody telly" and sometimes sounds like "Dad why can't I watch CBBC". After both these sounds a loud bang (reminisent of a door being slammed) can also be heard. Has anyone any ideas on how to rectify the situation, I would ask my friends an family but I haven't heard from them for about a week : :D
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My missus just said "so do a lot of blokes hide away in another room watching their plasma all the time then?"......yes dear! :rolleyes: :smashin:

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