TH-P50VT20P vs TH-P50UT50 - need some advice


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I'm facing a dilemma. I'm living in South Africa right now and only two Panasonic Plasma models are available: TH-P50VT20 and the TH-P60UT50.

Between the two Plasmas, which one has better overall picture, including blacks? The 3D and Apps are really secondary for me. I understand that the vt20 was released in 2010 release and the ut50 in 2012 and they're still available in South Africa believe it or not!

Some additional info:
1. 60 inch UT50 is available at GBP 1,300 and includes 4 3D glasses and wall mount.
1. 50 inch VT20 also includes 4 3D glasses and also a panasonic 3D blu-ray player. The VT20 is priced at GBP 1,100.

As it stands, I'm leaning toward the Ut50 because of its size, positive reviews, and also looks nicer than the VT20. That being said the VT20 has also a lot of good reviews.

The other option is to go with a Samsung or LG, but not sure if they would measure up to the Pannys in terms of plasma picture quality even though they are older models.The Samsung PA60H5000 is available in SA and goes for 700.00

I watch sports and movies, and do some casual gaming (sports games mainly).

Appreciate some assistance.
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