TH-55DX600U Rapid green light blinking, screen not showing anything.


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Hi there,

Thanks for reading my thread, having some issues with my Panasonic Viera TH-55DX600U.

I'm getting an error code of 29 green blinks on my TH-55DX600U, although we had to record the blinks in slow motion and play it back to count the number of green LED blinks, otherwise they're too fast. The blacklight also flashes for about 0.5 seconds when the unit is powered up.

The 19th blink is twice as long as the rest, with the 29th blink being the green light staying stable totally.

I can't find any info on longer error codes such as this. Hope someone can help me with what's wrong with my TV.

Thanks in advance.

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The Panasonic blink chart for my old plasma only goes up to 14 and the fault on mine was indicated by a series of repeated red blinks with no solid green light which I think is the normal behaviour for common faults at least, so your fault does sound unusual.

Have you tried searching online for a service manual for your TV ?


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Thanks for the quick reply. This is the conclusion we have come to also, red are error codes, green blinks seem odd.

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