TH-42PX60B Some Advice Please

I'm thinking about getting a Panasonic TH-42PX60B from Currys as they are selling them for £899 in their sale. I currently have a Panasonic 36pl32 which has an excellent picture. My questions are?

1. What is the general picture quality like on the Plasma using standard def images such as Sky+ and DVD? are they really only any good with HD images?

2. Will I be better to play DVDs using the Progressive Scan mode on my DVD player?

3. I know the websites now say that screenburn is no longer an issue but is it?

Any advice would be gratefully Appreciated.

Thanks again


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1. The picture quality is excellent using Sky on my TH42PX60 (first version). It is as good as my CRT in most instances - my signal quality is rather good however.

2. Yes as a general rule of thumb Progressive Scan will be better but it depends on your DVD player.

3. Screenburn is still an issue, but a lot less maintenance is required to prevent screenburn with this TV screen. In the first few weeks and you have to watch out that you are not leaving the screen on with the same image for extended periods.
Thanks for that info. When you say you have the first version, what version is current and what is the difference?

My Dvd Player is a Pioneer DV-575, though I believe the TV upscales the image, is this correct? and is this likely to be better quality than buying an HDMI dvd player with upscaling on it?

Thanks again


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Somebody a little more technical can explain the differences in version but it is mainly related to cost cutting and firmware updates.

I would keep your DVD player and try it. If you feel you want/need better image quality then opt for an expensive upscaling player like the Oppo 981 - but do not buy a cheapo HDMI upscaling DVD player like the Toshiba 360E or cheaper stuff - IMHO. The increase in image quality will likely be not that great a deal.
Thanks again,

You said that in the first few weeks I would need to watch how long you leave the same image on the screen for. Howlong are you talking about. You alsosay that this screen requires "less Maintenance" What maintenance does it need?


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This issue has been discussed a few times already on these forums.
1. First month of normal viewing I would suggest watching TV with Zoom1 enabled and lowered brightness and contrast settings.

After this period watch at Auto (or however you want) and with Contrast and Brightness in the middle.

This is what I did and your mileage may vary depending on what you are watching.

You need to look out for kids leaving the channel with a menu open e.g. Sky No Messages Alert or switch from say CBeebies once every hour or so... to make sure you do not imprint any logo's onto the screen.

I am not an expert on these screens and would appeal to anyone with more knowledge to bail me out if I err..

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