TH-42PS10BK plasma SCART problem


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I recently bought a TH-42PS10BK because it was cheap, fully aware that it is really a display screen. It comes with only a BNC Dual Video Terminal Board, but has 2 emplty slots. the manual says you can fit a number of optional boards including a SCART part number TY-FB8SC. The screen works fine with a Sky+ box connected with a S-video cable and a SCART cable connected to a SC-PT450 Home Theater DVD player providing the sound. (No picture but I don't expect it to)

I fitted the SCART terminal board as per the manufacturer's instructions but cannot get a picture from the Sky+ box. Is there something I have missed or is it probably a dud Terminal Board?

The SCART leads are only ones that I had with the old TV and I don't know exactly what they are. I don't want to replace these unless I have to just yet.

Anybody got any ideas? Assume I don't know much.


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I think the scart board only works in slots 1 and 2. If it's inserted in slot 3 it won't work.


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Thanks but it is in slot 2. not that it makes any difference but the set is actually a TH-42PH10BK
I'm going to try a different TV witht the DVD player and maybe try the Terminal board in slot 1 tomorrow.

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