Text's problem sending and receiving when away from home.


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Hi all, this has only happened since the latest update and the Icloud thingy :rolleyes:

Text's sometimes wont get thru, sent 2 today to the other half and she didn't receive till she got home......within range of our wifi.

Is this a known problem ? we are on Voda network, it seemed to be ok initially saying delivered either thru Icloud or normal text if that failed but it's playing up recently :thumbsdow

Anyone having similar probs ? and is there a cure :cool:




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I have started having this problem too.

My 4S has been fine since the iOS5 update and iMessage was introduced. Sometimes the messages I send to other iPhones go as iMessages and sometimes texts which is fine.

However I have given my old 4 to my wife and set her up from scratch. Until yesterday she had a temporary number but she now has the old number back. I had to turn iMessage off and on a few times and reboot before it finally acknowledged her new number. But when she sends messages to other people with iPhones, it always comes up with her email address rather than phone number even though she has the phone number ticked in the caller ID section of the iMessage settings.

If she tries to send a message to my iPhone it never comes through at all.

If she turns off iMessage then any messages she then sends to me come through and any messages she then sends to other people with iPhones come through with her number on them.

Anyone else seeing this?



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My friend had a problem with this and we found we fixed it by disabling the option to send as sms if imessage not available. Not sure why it worked, but it did.

Maybe its because the phone was getting confused as to whether to send as imessage or sms so didn't bother. Who knows?
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