Texas Chainsaw massacre - seal?


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I bought the Texas Chainsaw Massacre today and have got home but I cant open it. Call me stupid but the dvd case has like a red button thing in the middle but Ive tried everything bar breaking the case to open it.

Any ideas how to open it? I feel so stupid lol


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How about taking a chainsaw to it? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Which version is this? I have the remake on the way from DVD Soon - I hope I can open it! :D :D


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That's a security seal, careful with that as apparently it will damage the disc and case if you remove it yourself.

Take it back to the shop and they'll remove it or you could end up with a knackered disc!:(



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thanks for the replies, I figured last night that it might be a security seal because I looked in Asda and saw that they didnt have it on. The weird thing is the DVD was in plastic sealing when I bought it so it seems funny it had a security seal on it inside the plastic wrapping. Anyway I'll be taking it back today, and now I dont feel so stupid lol


Its the new "red tag" system used (mainly) by WH Smiths

Its designed so members of the public who buy the DVDs have to hope the staff remember do use the specialaist equipment to untag the thing - doing so without the equipment can cause the inside contents to snap

Of course those who just walk out the shop without paying are able to remove the tag with something like a screwdriver


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If i remember rightly, I'm sure HMV use stickers with a magnetic strip underneath it as there security seals??

Unless theyve changed? DOnt ever recall one of those red things!


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Yep they have changed, I went to buy a Gamecube game the other week and all their copies had a small red tag on them, asked someone about it and they said it was a new security system.


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the stupid thing though, is that the plastic wrapping was around the dvd so the red tag was under the plastic wrapping meaning that the wrapping would have had to have been taken off in order to remove the tag.

Seems a little strange to me

Edit: Just got back now and they took the seal off for me. Apparently they sold a few yesterday without taking the seal off, and one guy tried to take it off himself and broke the case and everything.

I looked at the stock on the shelf too and they have the plastic seal split with a hole where the red seal is to take it off.

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