Tevion radio/CD 1293 - wiring?


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Am trying to fit a Tevion radio/CD/MP3 unit to an ancient JCB (what else?!) - eliminating redundant ISO block and jointing cables direct to the short cables going into the connector plug that fits the back of the radio. All going well until... the ground cable (black sleeve) has come out of the plug.

Can anyone tell me which pin it connects to? - is it the bottom right when looking at the rear of the radio unit? Cheers for any help!


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Having found out in the meantime I thought I'd post it back here in case anyone else has the same query sometime. The bottom right pin is the ground or neutral cable, immediately under the continous live and switched live pins on the top right side of the 2 rows of pins - all when looking at the rear of the radio.


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Sorry to trawl the Graveyard but in the hope that someone will get this message.
I have just bought a Tevion 7311 which has the bespoke Tevion 16 pin plug at rear. The Fleabayer neglected to mention that the iso plug was missing and no longer available anywhere.
Would you be so kind as to post up an indication of the colour of the wires and where they go into the 16p connector? Looking at the rear of the unit with the top row of pins left to right as 1 to 8 and the bottom row left to right 9 to 16.
I have the colour wiring diagram from facin8 but that doesn't help when you don't have the iso plug.
Thanking you in advance

facin8 and Tevion are now defunkt and the Tevion lead is not available to buy at all.


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Ok, I've done it myself.
For anyone else looking for a wiring diagram for the Tevion 7311 car stereo and other tevion models using the no longer available 16p to iso wiring harness.

top row of pins from top left to top right holding the unit the right way up and looking at the rear. pin 1 spare, pin 2 green, pin 3 grey (Gray) pin 4 brown. pin 5 blue. pin 6 spare. pin7 yellow. pin 8 red.

Bottom row of pins from left to right pin 1 spare. pin 2 green/white. pin 3 grey/white. pin 4 brown/white. pin 5 blue/white. pin 6 white. pin 7 orange. pin 8 black.

This configuration works.

Thanks to the original poster (jcboyo) for helping me to get the first few crucial pins right without blowing up the unit!:clap:

You can find the colour code to iso either on the sticker on your unit or on the fascin8 website
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Hi i have one of these cd players which i bought quite a while ago and it came without the iso connector too. I've never fit a car stereo and when i went to try your instructions on my cd player i saw that some of the colours i had where different to what you had. is there anything else i could try? :facepalm:

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