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Tevion (?) MD 420 help?

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by thelastdefence, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. thelastdefence


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    I appear to have broken it, or something. i don't know. My little ipod shuffle was never this confusing.

    anyway, tried last night to upload all my music onto this player. it worked fine, any music from cds went on it, but anything i'd gotten from the itunes store wouldn't - it's be on there - but wouldn't play.

    anyway, it was working fine until this morning. I added two more cds into my itunes folder and then tried to download them onto the tevion player. first i deleted everything off of it. seemed to work fine, then my pc crashed as i tried to upload everything back on. hmm. switched the player back on, all my files were apparently still on there, so i tried to play something (stupidly picked on of the itunes files.) it's crashed. not making any little noises and just sits there no doing anhything but showing me the menu. none of the buttons work and so it won't switch off unless i remove the battery.

    (its currently sat on my desk with no battery)

    anyway, i don't have the instruction manual or it's own software (my dad has lost both and therefore i don't know what i'm looking for anyway) so i'm very confused. I'd quite like it to work again, i'm poor as it is and i want my music while i'm on holiday. (i'm leaving tonight, le flight is at 9.)

    so, help? please?xxxyz

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