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This is mainly a repost of a previous reply, but I'm desperate, please don't flame me!!

I bought this unit just after Xmas, and only had a chance to actually put it in my van a couple of months ago...Only to find that it refused to turn on. The old stereo works fine when it's plugged back in, so I reckon it's the Tevion that's at fault. Plus I checked the fuse in the back and the wiring in the van and that all seems fine.

I'm a bit gutted because I've failed to keep the receipt that came with the thing, so I can't take it back either to the Aldi (which is miles away), or send it back to Tevion for RMA'ing. :thumbsdown:

What I'm after is the hotline number that came with it, it was on a separate piece of card because the number on the warranty card was wrong. I do believe it's been chucked out by my darling wife :oops:

If you could help me that would be great. I was really looking forward to updating the stereo in our van (1984 VW Transporter, y'all!!), and having mp3 capability, but now my hopes have been dashed, and I'm down £50 :(

Alternatively if anyone has any ideas/anecdotes about returning things to Aldi (or indeed Tevion) without proof of purchase :rolleyes:, do let me know. The only proof I have is my bank statement, and there ain't a lot of info on their website about returns, etc. Also, the Aldi that I bought the thing from is about 80 miles away, and the nearest one to me is about 20 away..

Any help would be *very* greatly appreciated..





The Tevion Helpline No. is : 0800 0850 4408

I never had much luck on this number so found the no. for their UK repair warranty outfit, they seem quite helpful :

Convar Europe Ltd
Stirling House
Culpeper Close
Medway City Estate

Tel : 01634 296194

Bank statements are proof...used this method in Comet once. If not, just say you got it as a present and do not have receipt etc....



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