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Tevion DVD to Toshiba36ZP48 hookup.

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by a.lang, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. a.lang


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    Just bought my first DVD player ! Tevion(Aldi)QS808 £32.99.Spec.seems amazing for the money.Component outs,progressive scan,dolby digital decoder etc.Thought I'd try it, and relegate it to a bedroom if performance only fair.I have played "Finding Nemo" via Scart and I think its excellent-it has for the moment stopped me wanting to buy a more expensive DVD player. Would like to try the component route and hook up the audio to TV to take full advantage of the TV inbuilt dolby digital surround setup.I will not be using a separate amp/home cinema sound system.
    I have read the TV and DVD manuals several times and a few articles on component connecting etc.but have a few questions.It would seem silly to spend fortunes on cables to connect a £32.99 player so for now I would like cheap to low mid range options.DVD does not have an optical audio output.

    1.It seems component is video only and to use dolby digital I need to use the "coaxial" out to DA-2 coaxial in on TV.If I do this,do I also have to connect the right and left audio outs to the TV?
    Should I do this ? and if I do not,does it mean the setup will not play sound unless the DVD disc is Dolby digital?

    2.The DVD player comes with a 3 to 3 plug lead coloured red yellow and white.Presumably I should just hook up red and white and ignore the yellow one which I take to be composite video and which the TV does not have a socket for ?

    3.If above is correct I need orange coaxial and red/green/blue component leads? Any suggestions given that I do not think spending much money here is worth it with such a cheap player.

    4.Component connection on DVD player is described in manual as "progressive "scan.
    TV has several scan modes which you can switch between-eg.natural,active 100Hz(all 100 Hz) and progressive(equivalant to 50Hz vertical scan).
    I cannot fathom the relationship here.
    Does it mean that (if I buy the above leads and use the component outs.)I will have to set the TV to progressive or get rubbish on screen,or,do I still have the options ?
    Can a Scart hookup transmit progressive scan?
    Is it a function of how I set the TV or a function of the DVD player output?etc.Need enlightenment here bigtime!
    Sorry for being such a newbie. Andrew.
  2. Miniholic

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    Apr 26, 2001
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    The Shire
    Hi Andrew,

    My parents have the 32" version of your TV hooked up to a Toshiba SD230 DVD player in the same way as you are suggesting.

    The only connections you will need betweenm your DVD player and the TV are a component video lead, and a digital audio cable, the TV will accept either optical or co-ax. There is no need to make an analogue audio connection as the digital will handle stereo as well as surround formats.

    We are using profigold cables that came with the package and they give great results.

    You could always go for Mark Grant cables from the powerbuys on here, although the component cable may be overkill for you set up - you can certainly get cheaper - handy for any future upgrades though. ;)

    Digital Co-ax lead £20 for 1m

    Component Video Cable £50 for 1m

    A progressive picture can only be displayed using component video (or a digital connection on displays so equipped) the best connection via scart is RGB.

    When running a progressive signal into your TV you may find you lose some of the picture processing options IIRC - it's a while since I tried my 3910 on the Tosh.

    You will probably need to turn progressive scan on in the DVD player set up menu, but the TV should recognise the signal, you could always try the different scan modes offered by your TV and see which you prefer.

    Hope this helps.
  3. a.lang


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    Hi Ian,
    Thanks,that's brilliant and answers all my questions.
    I sort of agree that geting good cables now might be a good idea in the long run as I will probably want a better DVD player at some point and put the Tevion in the bedroom.Having said that, it seems good to me,even via RGB Scart, but maybe my expectations are low as yet !

    Have read a bit more about cables now and the Canare RCA connectors really seem to be the way to go rather than soldered.Will have to
    weigh up my priorities !

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