Tevion 19" - Help with tinny sound sought please


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Hi All,

I just bought a Tevion 19" Digital LCD TV for the kitchen from Aldi. Cost was £89-99. Model W185-28G-GB-TCU-UK.

I am really pleased with it in terms of look, ease of set up, build quality etc. However, the downside seems to be that even at low levels, sound level 15 out of 90, there seems to be a tinny reverberating whine during programmes. A classic example is when there is more than one noise source for example a game show and the audience suddenly applaud, or a reporter when there is suddenly background noise such as a vehcile passing by. When this happens the annoying noise appears.

Basically after only a short while I am thinking of taking it back, because I can't live with the vibrating tinny sound, which sporadically appears.

I have followed the manual and tried altering the Treble setting to less and changed from Standard to other settings but sadly it still appears.

I just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar and if so what had solved the problem?

If not and I send it back, can anyone recommend a suitable replacement model please?

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