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Teufel Product Launch

Phil Hinton

Staff member
German speaker manufacturer Teufel unveil their new products which include a new THX Ultra 2 system and a two channel PC option. Plus we learn more about this unique direct sell company.

We hope you enjoy this production from the AVForums team. Please reply with your comments.
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Thanks very much for this :thumbsup:

I've been considering a putting some Teufel speakers into my upcoming garage conversion, so it's good to get a bit of info about the brand.

They do seem to offer a pretty impressive level of service, their warranty is unbelievable.

Now, if you could just do a review of the System 5 THX Select 2 system... :D


Active Member
Yes it is! should be on sale from next month they just need to update the website.


Distinguished Member
There's a short feature about these Teufel's on the Home Cinema Choice website, and a review of these in the next issue of the mag, on sale on the 19th.

I'd still love to see an AVF review though :D
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HCC review pretty much says not so good at music but when fed decent power the THX 5 select2 comes to life and absolutly stonked with movies.

Cheap build quality but a sold 4/5 for performance. so excellent value for the money, system goes very loud.

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