Testing speakers?


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Hey folks,

Quick question, is there anyway to test speakers if they are on their way out as I'm trying to determine whether my amp is on its way out or if its the speakers and unfortunately I don't currently have an amp that i can put it its place.


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Speakers either work or they don't.

Play them softly and listen close up to ensure the tweeters are working, is all I can think of :)


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Yeah I thought as much. On lower volumes they sound fine, just when I'd crank the volume up the distortion and problems begin. All results point to amp!!! Now i need someone to give me some advice on my post in the Hi-fi section lol!


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Although distortion probably points to the amp, if you have you've been driving the speakers at high volumes, especially with the bass cranked up, it could well be the speakers. Can't you arrange with a friend for you to hook up your speakers on to his amp?


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from my experience, it could well be the speakers.
Don't do anything thats going to damage them, but .. if you spread your hand over them and push in gently (try to be sure to be pushing parallel to the movement they usually make when playing). If you hear scratching, that's the voice coil rubbing, which is bad news.
Inspect the rubber spiders both round the edge of the paper cone and inside if you can get to them. Yes, it's probably difficult, but better than buying a new amp and still having the problem, right? If they're deformed, they'll push your coils out of alignment when they reach greater extension. You will be able to see the deformation - they should obviously be circularly symmetrical, so if there are lumps or bumps etc. then this is also bad.
Otherwise, i should think you can fairly safely blame the amp!



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