Testing rmote extender on digisender with NTL/Virgin Pace box



Hi guys,

I am using the AEI DG400 DigiSender with one of the older model Pace boxes. I am having issues with the remote changing channels from the second room.

Is there a way to test the 'magic eye' that sits in front of the Pace box?

When the remote is used in the second room, the digisender transmitter that is connected to the Pace box flashes a red light, I am assuming to indicate that a signal was recieved, but the channels/volume do not change.

Thanks in advance.


You can watch a video on how to set up a DigiSender similar to the are using at http://www.aei.eu/community/html/modules/articles/article.php?id=70 which might help you.

The remote relay function operates by capturing your remote control signal at the receiver, transmitting it back to the transmitter and then emitting that signal at the magic eyes.

The XSender DG180 is compatible with SKY,SKY+, VCR, DVD and free view digital. Customers using NTL or TELEWEST PACE digital cable boxes require either the DG100DE DigiEye remote extender to work alongside the DG200/DG200X2 or a DG400X4 DigiSender Gold system.

The units have built in LEDs on the transmitter and receiver which indicate if they are functioning. When you operate your remote control at the receiver you should see a light flash or glow next to the channel number. At the same time a light should flash or glow on the transmitter next to the power light. This is best tested by 2 people as someone will need to be at the receiver with a remote control for the light on the transmitter to operate.

The 2 most common causes of remote control problems are magic eye positioning and electrical interference:

Magic Eye Positioning

The magic eye will need to be placed in front of the remote control pick up on the source device. Usually you will see a light flash on the source device when you use your remote control- this will be next to the remote pick up. Try moving the magic eye around this area to find the right position. The magic eye has an IR lamp on one side of it- this needs to be pointing at the source equipment for the unit to work correctly.

Electrical Interference

As the XSender is a radio device it is possible for it to pick up interference from the electrical equipment directly around it. If the DigiSender units are currently on top of or directly next to your TV/VCR etc try moving them away from these devices and test again. Some cordless phone bases may also cause interference and these may need to be positioned at least 1m from the XSender units.

Additional Notes on SKY+

The hard drive used in SKY+ boxes can cause interference to our transmitter unit. You may need to position our transmitter up to 6 inches away from the SKY+ box. Also be very careful how the magic eye lead is positioned as this may also pick up a signal from the SKY+ box.

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