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Hi. Went to b&q hoping to try some grey steel number 2 dulex to try for my projector wall. They couldn't do it so after searching for appropriate shades I thought sod it I will try their own mix which is darker still. I ended up getting 2.5ltrs of the below paint which after 1 rough coat produced a more contrasted image than my previous white walled effort. Will reapply another coat in the morning but it's looking very promising and I like it :) what do others thin?
k. By the way I am wall mounting the projector next week when my bracket comes so I can get rid hopefully of keystoning my picture to he'll with it currently resting on a small table


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Finished wall and projector position minus any keystone correction. 1 happy chappie :)
Tomorrow will cover up the extension leads


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The blacks must be very impressive. Is it too dark?

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