Testicular cancer


I've just got back from the doctors and i have been told i have no problems with my remaining testicle. A bit of discomfort had got me worried.

Years ago i had testicular cancer and with an operation and radiotherapy i was cured. I was very fortunate in that it was my wife who spotted the problem. I had never done any checks and it was something that had never crossed my mind.

If you don't check yourself it is very easy to do, especially after a bath.


It is rare and this post is in no way meant to scare anybody, it's just a little reminder

ush flynn

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yeah ill second this,
christmas 2004 i found a little lump after a bath and did all the research i could and got myself worried. Sucked it up and went to docs, he didnt seem to worried but obviously sent me to get a scan. Couple of ultrasounds later and they told me it was a calcium deposit. Was told i did a good job spotting it and for coming in. Mega relief as you can imagine and was great they put my mind at rest

However i still had a problem!
The sign said that for £2 i could have a printout from my ultrasound but the girls on the desk thought i was joking and wouldnt print me one! i coulda made some lovely modern art out of that! it was like the diamond ring effect you get on an eclipse!!! imagine it on canvas! beautiful!


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There is always the Rachel Stevens video, which someone posted on here a while ago.

In France, the patient is the guardian of all things medical, so when I went for a CAT scan of my nose (!?) last year, I ended up with the actual negatives and a CD of all the scans. I can see inside my head. Surprising amount of grey matter. No doubt I could post a picture and we could play diagnose the ailment!


Yeah, I had a bit of a scare several years back myself. I was told it was just a nodule on the tube connecting the testical. It is very, very worrying when you find a lump there though.


Back in 1987 I had terrible pain in the nether region. It turned out to be torsion which required surgery and the removal of small cysts. Everything proved to be fine but it gave me quite a scare.


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When I was a teenager, I had a lump behind my nipple. I nearly crapped myself but it turned out to be a cyst that most teenage lads get.

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