Test driving an AVR300 this weekend



Well, I brought an AVR300 home yesterday and have had a fair amount of time to play with it (DVDs, CDs and SACDs). The bottom line is...I am truly impressed. Even more surprisingly, my wife is impressed. (She is ready to buy it). The sound stage is amazing. I find that dialogue in movies is particulary clear and easy to understand. With that said, I am little surprised that at times, I find the sound to be a little thin and bright, which was a total shock to me because I have a mild to moderate, bilateral higher frequency hearing impairment. I think that Dean mentioned that he had turned down the treble by 2 dB, until he solved that problem with new/better interconnect cables. I am hoping that will fix my problem, as well. The other thing that I noticed was that many of the shooting scenes in the Matrix were not as dramatic as on my old amplifier. However, they were probably more true to life, rather than exagerrated. On high end CDs, I felt that some cymbal and percussion sounds were not as detailed as on some other systems. My overall impression is WOW, with only some minor criticisms. BTW, I do not yet have surrond sound, so all of my comments are based on my home stereo system. (Sony DVP NS900V DVD/CD/SACD player, Quad Electrostatic speakers, 15 inch Velodyne subwoofer). The biggest shocker however, is that my wife "asked" if we should be upgrading to surround sound, now that we are getting a new receiver. (I am thinking about Magnepan center and rear speakers to match up with the Electrostatic Quads. Any thoughts about that would be greatly appreciated.)

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