Test CD's (Rock)


I know that this has probably been asked about 1000 times on these forums, but what I am after is slightly different. I would like to know what Rock CD's people use to test there system. Rock music with a lot of bass.

My Favourites are:

Pitchshifter - www.pitchshifter.com
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
Stabbing Westward - Darkest Days

Has anybody got any other recommendations???


Purely rock based:

Prong - Cleansing
Danzig - Danzig
Keith Caputo - Died Laughing
Jellyfish - Bellybutton

All are great albums and particularly well recorded/produced in terms of showing off differing elements of your system.


Originally posted by Boink!
Supposedly, Fat of the land by the Prodigy has some deep lows.

I've read the CD contains one of the widest frequency ranges you'll find on a non-test/demo disc.


for production quality try extreme "pornograffitti"
fat of the land by the prodigy has some very strong bass indeed, but for a more varied soundfield try "music for the jilted generation", it`s like having a sound effects album!

queensryche`s "operation mindcrime"
metallica "load"
mansun "attack of the grey lanterns"
jellyfish "spilt milk"
deep purple "made in japan"
ac/dc "if you want blood...."

all the above sound better than you average cd. the last two are over twenty years old, but still have that rawness that makes your speakers sing!


I'm sorry but who are Jellyfish???

Never heard of them, but two people have recommended them?

Sorry for being think!


i think they were an american band and i don`t even know if they are the go anymore.

saw them one night a few years ago on "later with jools holland" and they were brilliant,so went out and bought their most recent album at the time "spilt milk ". it`s an album i still return to, brilliant songs, brilliant arrangement and brilliant vocals.might not be evveryone`s cup of tea, but for me it`s a classic that didn`t get the attention it deserved.

hard to describe their "sound" but it has a very 70`s sound to it, a bit like a rocked up version of supertramp, with some late beatles thrown in. fans will probably disagree with that description. the only way is to have a listen. if you like "real " music, you won`t be disappointed.


adox is pretty much spot on about Jellyfish.

They're essentially a San Francisco based US 70s bubblegum pop/rock sounding band, taking cues from The Beatles, Kiss and all manner of eclectic influences along the way.

Their songs are absolutely amazing and, as mentioned, are immaculately performed and produced. Most of their stuff really is pure class but I do agree some of it may be somewhat of an aquired taste.

I have two promo videos from their first album and they were also a great visual band... their first video looks like something out of what The Wizard of Oz might have looked like if made in the 70s with the Brady Bunch!

In many ways, despite their 'borrowing' from numerous sources for sound and image, Jellyfish are one of the most unique and original bands of the last 10 years in my opinion.

Massively under-rated. I wonder if any INXS fans who turned up early remember seeing them on the bottom of the bill at their Wembley Stadium show many moons ago.

Needless to say Jellyfish were the best band of the day by a BIIIIIIIIG margin. Unfortunately they split up a few years ago now.

BTW, anyone who likes Jellyfish might also want to check out 'Third Eye' by Redd Kross, a very similar sound to Jellyfish in many ways.


adox, take a listen to 'The Man I Used To Be' from Jellyfish's 'Bellybutton' album then listen to the new Aqualung single 'Good Times Gonna Come'.

Hmm, someone else has been listening to Jellyfish methinks!


do you know where i can get it online(the jellyfish album). not surprised they are being ripped off. i only have the "spilt milk" album, but of the 250+ cd`s i have it`s one of the most played.

all those years ago "later with jools" used to have some brilliant bands on, mostly not well known. i can still remember the impact jellyfish had on me when watching them. i wonder what any of them are doing now. so much talent, it would be a shame if some or all of them didn`t resurface.

one other act that comes to mind when talking about the jellyfish sound-queen.maybe not the music but the harmonies are of the same quality!


www.hmv.co.uk have it for £10.99

It's a little less complex than 'Spilt Milk' but very similar and just about every song is true genius. 'Bellybutton' is one of my favourite albums of all time.

In looking at HMVs site I noticed there's a US only (I think) 4 CD set of TONS of live stuff, rare stuff and covers etc. My order's gone in ;)


thanks for that.

i`m going to purchase in the next few days and let you know what i think.

thanks again


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Sisters of Mercy - A Slight Case of Overbombing

Well worth a listen just for the recording quality.

Clutch - Pure Rock Fury

Wow ! Does exactly what it says on the cover.... ! I bought this album after reading it was good stuff to work out to (lift weights). Had never heard of them but have since bought their earlier album 'The Elephant Riders'....


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The best recorded non-classical album I have ever heard:
Talk by Yes. Out of print now though, I think and not really rock (well not as rock as a lot of what's been suggested).

I also like 'K' by Kula-SHaker as a test, just because it's a very dense and complex mix. If it sounds convinving then you've got a decent setup.



Bellybutton and Spilt Milk are both fantastic albums, with Bellybutton being slightly more consistent (IMO).

For those who already converts you should try.

Imperial Drag
Umajets - Demolition
Jason Falkoner

These all have ex Jellyfish members making contributions and are rather marvelous in a similar vein

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