Test Canon HF G10 versus Panasonic TM900

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    For anyone trying decide between these two Canon and Panasonic Prosumer camcorders, I have just uploaded my multicam video to YouTube of en evening outdoor (Blues) performance which was shot multicam with the Canon HF G10 on one side and the Panasonic TM900 on the other side in front of the stage. See the video here:


    Focus for me was on the quality of the results. Ease of use is comparable between the two. But it is in the results, certainly on HD and certainly with night-time shots, where this Canon leaves this Panasonic camcorder behind.

    I have therefore now replaced the Panasonic with an exact copy of the CANON HF G10. This is just going to save me so much (editing) time and frustration.

    I hope that others can also benefit from this comparison so that they do not go out and buy the wrong camera first, like I did! ;-)

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