"Tesis" - Great film, ****e DVD!

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by PoochJD, Nov 6, 2000.

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    Hi All,

    If any of you love horror movies with a difference, and something a little more intellectually challenging that "Scream" or the usual hack-and-slash epics that come this way on DVD, then I recommend that you try and see a little-known Spanish film, from 1998/99 called "Tesis" (or "Thesis" as it is known in english-language countries).

    A very, very disturbing and skin-crawling thriller about a female postgraduate doing a dissertation on the violence in horror films, plus the existence of "snuff" movies.

    I got the DVD today, although I saw the film, way back at the beginning of 2000. Have to say that I was totally dissappointed with it. The print is shoddy, displaying lots of crap on-screen constantly, like a bad cinema negative, and the sound is audible, but full of pops, crackles and whistles. Plus, there's the problem with the widescreen print, in that it is not in any particular ratio, but appears to be in about 1.77:1 instead of the cinema projection version of 2.35:1. (Odd, most odd!)

    There's no extras either, and this is a Region 1 DVD as well! Shame that such a wonderfully unnerving film has been given such ****e treatment. Maybe Tartan will release it on Region 2, and it should get through uncut as well.


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