tesco HDMI cable


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Just bought a couple of the Tesco`s own 1M Hdmi cables. There is no mention of v1.3 on the packaging, so i checked their website and the product states it is good for 5gb transfer speed - is this v1.3?

the cables are for an upscaling dvd player and a x-box360 to a sammy 1080p lcd tv.

Will these leads do (only cost £5 each), or should i take them back and order one from the net that are marked as v1.3?



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They should be fine.

1.3 had been out for a while, so I'm pretty certain your leads will handle this no problem.


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so is there an actual hardware difference between a 1.0 cable and a 1.3 as mine are 1.0


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There is nothing physical that will prevent your cables allowing 1.3 equipment at both ends to talk to each other.

Almost any well built short cable will work just fine regardless of how is it labelled.


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All your really paying for with HDMI cables is the name, The like of currys try and sell you a cable that cost £50 and up, personally i am using cheap HDMI cables that cost me about £4.50 each,


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I used to have a 19.99 gold plated cable from game and it used to be fine until I broke it moving my tv.
So I then got the £6 one from tesco and now my tv doesnt revert up to 1080p, only 1080i, where-as the other cable it was fine.

Maybe ive got settings wrong or something but i don't remember changing anything. :confused:

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