Tesco green points - joke


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At Tesco today and thought that to be greener, we wont use any plastic bags at all and just load shopping into a couple of plastic boxes in our van.

Got to the checkout and told the lady that we are not using any bags just to do our little bit!!!

No green points!!! asked at the customer service about it and they said to get green points we would need to use old plastic bags!!

What the hell I thought, so my wife asked again just to be sure and when she got the same answer she said ''OK'' and she walked to the nearest checkout and grabbed a massive bounty of plastic bags and wallked out!!

Thats my girl!!

To hell with being green at Tesco!!


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Bizarre. The other week I did some shopping there as normal and when I got home noticed my receipt said "you've earned 3 green points". Have no clue how as I didn't use my own bags nor carry things by hand!


It's the same in Sainsburys if you don't use any bags. I even tried "I've not used three of my own bags" and didn't get the credit for it :)



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It's the same in Sainsburys if you don't use any bags. I even tried "I've not used three of my own bags" and didn't get the credit for it :)

Had a similar thing in our local Tesco's... We thought we'd do our bit by not taking so many bags, so crammed what we had into a couple, and planned on carrying some of the items separately. As we were using the self-service tills, it prompts you for "own bags used" and I entered the number that we hadn't taken, but could have (if that makes sense - only 2 bags).

Damn thing went to the "store approval" screen :rolleyes: Bless the attendant, she didn't seem to grasp my point and refused to authorise the additional 2 green points...

We took another 3 bags and walked out comfortably :D

Ridiculous system.



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Bit OT but darn those robot tills. The other week I was scanning my items and the bloke at the adjacent till had a red pepper he didn't want - he put it on the "scales" that weigh your shopping - "unexpected item" cried the robot. I passed the pepper back to him but the till refused to reset without attendant, who was busy correcting problems on the other tills. I just walked out without completing my purchases.

It always seems ironic it says "thank you for using the fast lane!" when you leave, having taken five times longer than using a cashier-operated checkout!


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Green points can be added manually or by scanning a pre-determined points card which has different amounts of point for size of bag re-used. If you carry all your stuff its 1 point, if you fill a trolly i think it was a recommended 10 points.

I used to work there, it was very common for people to forget to add green points, however customer services should have put them on.


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Tesco give Green points when you specify No Bags when using the home delivery system. Surely it should be the same if you are transporting them yourself. :confused:


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Used a plastick bread-basket for a few years now and upon enquiring about green points last year I've been given 3 on average but a few people still ask their supervisor.

But haven't we all re-used bags for years, bins, work lunch, dog poo etc. Gordon and the Mail said they're killing the planet so you will just have to buy another bag with the shops name on and another for your rubbish.

I assume the stores are spending less on bags now so will we see any price reductions but then again we were giving them free advertising.


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Makes me laugh because the offical way of stopping maggots in your wheelie bin is to use 2 bags to wrap the waste in.

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