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I know OCADO beat Tesco to the shopping app but does anyone know when the Tesco one is due out?



Graz Alarm

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Not sure when it is out, but in the meantime have you seen Tesco Finder? A free app that not only locates your Tesco store, but can locate all the products within it!

Can't find the Marmite? No problem, do a search for it, and it will tell you that it is in Aisle 8, Four shelves up from the floor and fifteen products across from the left!

Have tried it on several items in a couple of different Tesco stores, and it is spot on every time!:thumbsup:


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I though this app would be the ocado equivelent for Tesco!

The tesco app is fine but from what I was expecting it falls short massively! :(

Come on Tesco please make a full app for doing shopping or amending existing orders :)

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