Terrible distortion AT-LP3


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Getting terrible distortion on the Audio-Technical LP3 on majority of my vinyls. Have tried the recommended weight and anti skate but sounds even Worse.

Have the weight counter on 3 and anti skate 4 which is giving the best results but still nowhere near perfect.

Turntable is connected to a Cambridge Audio AXA35 amp and Q Acoustic 3030i speakers. Have played music through other sources and there are no issues.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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What cartridge do you have and how old is the stylus, is the stylus bent?


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It’s the standard cartridge. Stylus would be from August but not been used much in that time. The stylus isn’t bent.


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Have you tried rebalancing the arm from scratch with the counterweight. Sorry just a thought


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Also check all the connections, start by removing the headshell and check there, then work your way back to the amp.


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Thanks for the replies all.

Have done a rebalance and slight improvement but still not great. All the connections are fine.

Lotusj oey

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If you are using the phono stage built into your amp, you don't have the phono switched on on the TT or vise versa?

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