Terrible Customer Service from Virgin, Can I Cancel?


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My virgin internet and tv haven’t worked properly for 3 weeks. I’ve spent hours on hold and they don’t answer the phone (short staffed due to corona).
I have sent email complaints and tried live chat and all they do is tell me to call the phone number that they never answer.

I have 6 months left on my contract but purely because of how they’ve treated me, I want to cancel.

Am i within my rights to do that? They say I have to call them but since they don’t answer the phone, I don’t know what to do!


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Try stopping your payment and see what happens. Email them with your intention. They can't charge you for a service they are not providing according to the terms of your agreement.


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Do not stop your payments or you will get a flag on your credit report. Have you tried raising your issue on the VM Community forums?

Greg Hook

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Yes, never stop your payments, ever.

All that will happen is your credit report will be negatively affected which will have far more of an impact than having crappy internet for a while.


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If you have a contract which is being broken you have every right to discontinue payment but you must give them due warning what you intend to do. This might be enough to spur them into action.


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Within the contract terms and conditions there will be a clause on dispute resolution and cancelling payments is not in it. If you cancel the payments you will also be in breach of contract. Im not saying that cancelling payment doesn't work sometimes but more often than not it leads to further pain.


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Swap to another provider is six months. There are always better providers.

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