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Terrible 3G Download Speeds on O2

red special

Standard Member
I have noticed that the O2 3G download speeds on my 3G S are terrible today.

Browsing the Apps Store and iTunes takes forever.

I updated to the latest iPhone software version yesterday evening and wondered if this had anything to do with it.

Is anybody else suffering with the same problems?


Standard Member
My 3G is terrible today! sometimes it will take forever to download a page other times i get a message saying "server stopped responding" what the hell is goin on?! i jailbroke my 3.1 3gs last night for the first time using blackrain and everything worked fine. This morning i updated to 3.1.2 and now ive got problems. Anyone got any thoughts on this?


Established Member
My internet service today from O2 is shocking.

They seem to be having network problems AGAIN !!!!!!


Established Member
Mine too - email kept timing out as did twitter. I'm assuming O2 are having problems again but no mention of it that I can see.


Standard Member
Lost all 3G earlier in Bristol but it seems to be OK now.

I'm on Pay & Go and going to be seriously looking at Orange and Vodafone once they announce their deals...


Distinguished Member
Same here, also in Bristol. couldn't use any data this morning, going a bit better now, still slow though.


Established Member
And for me as well, no 3G in Winchester for the best part of the day. Called up O2 and they denied having any problems (surprise surprise).

The guy I spoke to wanted me to double check my settings (which I couldn't do as I was speaking to him on my iPhone). Told him that a colleague was having the same problem but he wouldn't listen. Why do customer service folk treat us like we are complete imbeciles?



Distinguished Member
o2 is a joke.....hopefully there will be lots of people migrating to another network soon when others launch the iphone. :thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
Manchester was very weak all day yesterday and I was also having problems with my O2 broadband - coincidence?

hmm my broadband was playing up at the weekend in glasgow. Lost connection a few times. :nono:

evil Homer

Established Member
I lost all internet access in Maidstone yesterday around 3pm for about 30 mins before it came back on, but was very slow. Today it seems fine again.


Standard Member
My signal was also awful as well,im in SE London.
Sometimes there was no service at all and this was just as i was showing off to a work colleague how great the IPhone is compared to his Blackberry on Orange :oops:


Established Member
Been poor for me lately too (Canary Wharf):(
I'm just waiting for the iPhone to come out on Orange as my mate who is already with Orange is due an upgrade, so it'll be interesting to see how they compare ;)


Established Member
Herts, Beds and Cambs, virtually given up using my iPhone on O2 for anything except calls unless I am at home and on wi-fi, complete waste of time IMO!

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