Terminator 2 - Blu Ray , Which Version?


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One of my top 5 films of all time, But which version is the best ?

Ive got the Skynet edition... also hoping for Terminator 1 to come out:clap:


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You've got the best version on blu-ray, i've got the 2 disc ultimate dvd version dts soundtrack 2:35:1 picture ratio.



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You've got the best version on blu-ray

Incorrect, the PQ on the first UK release is superior by far.
I compared both and the Skynet edition is at times difficult to look at because of all the DNR.


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I bought the Skynet edition when it was on offer at Play.com and must admit I am very happy with the sound & picture quality.



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I've got the HD-DVD Skynet edition (ripped to 720p mkv), and I actually prefer the shorter version. I think the "dream scene" (with Kyle Reese) is pointless and doesn't add to the film.

As for PQ between the versions, I can't say. I've only ever seen the VHS, DVD (same cut as VHS - no dream scene) Ultimate DVD (same cut as Skynet Edition - with dream scene) and the Skynet HD-DVD version. So out of all, obviously the high def version looks the best. DTS sounds better (from memory) than the 2ch stereo of the VHS and what I remember of the DD of the DVD's....
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Skynet HD-DVD?

The Canal HD-DVD across Europe uses the same transfer as the original UK Optimum blu ray release so PQ will be identical. Only the audio is different (and no subs on the blu ray).


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Dunno then. It's the full length cut. with DTS

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