Termination of cables (Face Plates)


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I hope someone can help, I see lot sof talk of people who obvioulsy run lots of cables all over their houses. I've already run CAT5E throughout th house and have double network sockets in all rooms.

We are about to tackle our living room and I will shortly be able to run the neccesary vga, s-video, component, dvi and vga cables for the projector.

The problem I have is how do you terminate you cables ? What I would like is a number of faceplates that have the appropriate female connectors so that it is nice and tidy, I dont fancy having 2 foot of each of these cables hanging out of the wall.

Any ideas ?

There is a US based site
but i dont fancy paying £40 for a faceplate :-(



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Yep, already got 2 of these, only problem is I thought they would have female ends on the inside so I could just plug my cable in :-(

Unfortunately you have to solder to the connections on the inside, I'm not very good at soldering :-(

Thanks anyways


Joe Fernand

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You can get faceplate 'systems' that have back to back 'through' type connectors to take a Male cable either side of the face plate.

We supply the Extron architectural faceplate systems to our AV and Home Theatre customers who don't want to get the solder gun out - that includes me!!!

We can assemble a faceplate with pass through VGA, RCA, S-Video, BNC, 3.5mm, XLR, RS232 - pretty much anything you would need is covered.

If you require further information on the Extron range please drop me a PM.

Best regards



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Thanks for the help pemberto, I've also seen these but i'm trying to do it much cheaper, hopefully some diy method



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