terminating my speaker cable


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i bought some vdc black 4x2.5mm bi-wire cable and some 7mm spades (profigold ones) to connect to my CA 640a amp and xtz93wmt speakers

trouble is the amp wont take the spades :thumbsdow so i bought some bananas off ebay this type

while they work on the individual ends they cant be used with the 2 cables twisted together at the amp end as the collar wont go back due to the screw not going far enough into the body :(

what do i do now :rolleyes:


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i could just leave the collars off i suppose i can get the cable in and secure without them on im just glad i didnt go for any thicker cable !!


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I use the Van Damme black and for the bi-wire at the amp end I've got a banana plug for one wire and the other wire through the hole in the post. Works a treat.

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