terminal board question?


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i am currently on the market to buy a plasma tv. what confuses me is the talk of terminal boards???

if i buy a plasma display do i then have to fiddle about connecting further boards to it?

i intend to connect everything to my receiver and run s-vid from there to the plasma.

can someone shed some light on this for me? many thanks in advance.

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The plasma display is essentially a computer monitor. As such it doesn't have normal video inputs. To fix this manufacturers make them modular. This basically means that a plasma by itself might have NO inputs or just a PC HD15(VGA) INPUT.

To allow the addition of normal (composite, s-video, component) or special (sdi, dvi, hdsdi) signals yo would add a seperate slot in card with the associated circuitry for use with those signals. There is a an oppening covered up on the plasma's which is unscrewed and the new board is fitted. It is VERY easy and painless. Takes a matter of moments.

On another matter if you intend to get the best performance from your plasma you may want to read about connectivity as just running s-video will owrk but doesn't give you mch scope for highest picture quality or upgredability in future

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