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We have just changed from NTL over to SKY + with multiroom. We have Sky + in 1 room, normal sky in 1 room and in the final room we have sky through the RF output from the sky box.

We don't seem to have an aerial coming into the house for some reason. The NTL cable comes into the house and then splits 2 ways, one is for broadband and the other used to go to the NTL box.

If we put this cable that used to go to the NTL box into the aerial socket it gives us normal analogue channels on both the TV with sky and the TV that is getting its signal from the RF output.

When we ring up and cancel NTL will we lose the ability to do this? I assume we would just be cancelling our subscription to all the pay channels and the freeview stuff like BBC 1 etc would still be there or am I wrong in thinking this and that the full TV signal coming into the house would go?

Thanks for your help


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Only the traditional analogue channels will be accessible from the NTL connection which means BBC1/2, ITV1, CH4 and FIve. You may find the odd one or two others if the TV tuner can find them such as a NTL promo channel.

The Freeview channels are digital only and are not broadcast on NTL analogue and only can be picked up by a NTL STB and smartcard.

You can find out what you will have by doing what you have already done, connecting the feed to the TV and then getting it to autoscan the frequencies.


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yes sorry by freeview I meant FTA rather than the freeview system it was a bad choice of phrase.

Currently when I put the NTL straight into the TV I get BBC1/2, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 and as you say a few more like sky news.

I just wanted to know if all those would still work once we have canceled NTL. Your post suggests it will if I'm understanding you correctly.

if it does I'm very happy and thanks for the post.


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When I cancelled NTL D the guy who collected the box actually gave me a little cable convertor to make use of the existing analogue feed with the existing TV, no reason to switch it off I suspect.

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