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Have had the above for the last year or so, 3 units, connected using bridge mode, router's wi-fi turned off, DCHP done by the router, and the mesh units provide all the wi-fi coverage around the house.

Everythin works fine using the above setup.

My issue is with the app. My broadband connection is very slow, so on occassions, when the speed on the device that I use feels slow, I check to see "who uses what" to see if I could free some bandwidth.

That has worked well until a week or so. Since then, under the My WiFi tab in the app (see screenshot) I see all the connected devices, but the Up and Down counters near the top are greyed out and are always on 0...

I am certain that I have not changed anything.

Any idea what has happened? App was updated automatically and changed the settings? I checked them all and I cannot see anything that looked related.

Many thanks.


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There's an old joke in the IT business that the definition of "upgrade" is "taking the old bugs out and putting new ones in." Maybe this is a "feature" of the latest update.

It might pay you to see if there's a vendor support forum for this product and see if anyone else is suffering the same issue.

It's a forlorn hope, but maybe try power cycling the AP's - sometimes reinitialising the kit resets it all. I'm not a big advocate of the school of thought that says "if it's broke, reboot it" but for the amount of time is takes, it's worth a shot and it's one more thing off the "excuse" list if you have to contact the manufacturer.

If you want to test/affirm your ISP link throughput, if would be better to test using something cabled to your router, if you have it, rather than Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is so fickle that you can never be sure if you have an issue with the ISP link of Wi-Fi link. Whereas wired ethernet is more more consistent and often faster and better to use for testing thereby taking Wi-Fi out of the equation.
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