Tempted by especially Sony Bravia XR75X90J at 1700 euros, are there better options at/around the price?


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Hi all,

Bit of help please.

I've currently got a 2 or 3 year old LG C7 55 inch OLED, am looking for something bigger. I mostly watch movies & TV streaming, darkened room.

Budget is 2k euros.

Some Black Fridays deals are available now here in Spain, I've been window shopping, found the following 3 main contenders, of which the Sony is cheapest:

Samsung QE75Q75A 1999 euros
Samsung QE75QN85A 1899 euros
Sony Bravia XR75X90J 1699 euros

The Bravia has 2 years interest free, the others 1 year. The QE75QN85A listed at 1899 is reduced from over 3k, seems the better bargain, but pushing the limit of what I can afford & only 12M interest free.

I've not found them cheaper online, prefer to buy in store & pay for installation.

Does anyone have info/opinions on the pic quality or worth of particularly the Samsung QE75QN85A vs the Sony Bravia XR75X90J? Or indeed know a better priced option in 75+ size? (given the price limit).

Any advice?



If the QN85A you end up with is using a VA panel it's the best of that bunch. If it comes with IPS, the Sony X90J is probably better. If it were me, I'd look at the Q80A or QN9xA instead, since there's no way to know pre purchase which panel type you'll get with the QN85A.

Ranges go a bit like this, from worse to best:
Samsung Q70A/Q75A
Samsung Q80A = Sony X90J
Samsung QN85A
Samsung QN90A = Sony X95J
Samsung QN9xA

Where X is a digital apart from 0. Could be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
Green = True HDR TV.
Blue = Just about makes the mark, will give problems with HDR in some titles.
Red = Don't use HDR on these TVs.

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