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Temporary Screenburn?

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by silent lucidity, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. silent lucidity

    silent lucidity

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    When my 9527 goes from the main screen of my dvd player to a plain black screen it leaves behind a temporary image of that screen.I noticed this from the day I got the set but thought no more about it until last night.At the end of spiderman,when Peter Parker is in the cemetery,the camera angle changes from just him,to him and kirsten dunst.For a few seconds his face was where it was before the cut,but ghost like,similar to staring at a light bulb then looking away.This leaves me with a few questions;anyone else had this on a 9527 or any other make and model of tv?Is it a fault or "feature"?Can it be controlled with contrast/brightness/service menu adjustment?
    Someone please help,after many adjustments and consoling myself with the fact everyone on here has issues with their set,regardless of make or model,I had just about got to the point where I could enjoy mine.Now I notice this.Also,is this some type of screenburn that will get worse with time?Speaking of time,thanks for reading such a long post! :rolleyes:

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