Temporary plasma stand needed!


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Right, the plasma is being delivered on Thursday, but the stand is not coming with it :rolleyes:

Obviously, I am mad keen to try it out, but I can't prop it up on the floor (because of little fingers), so can any of you ingenious types suggest a temporary solution until the stand arrives?


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If I was u I wood wait.The 37" is a heavy bit of kit!NOT2 mention xpensive.The display has 2 lugs in its base where 2 pins from the stand go in.I supose u could just lean it bac against a wall!!! I had 2 wait 4 the Video board(the bit that u slot up the bac of plasma)which is where most of ur input leads go SO i NO HOW KEEN U R 2 GET IT GOING..... But Iwood still hang on 4 stand.When u get it all properly set up and running u will wonder wot u were ever doing watching stuff with ur old tv set. cya


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I had a similar dilemma when I was waiting for my stand !!

I decided to make a couple of temp stands from some 6x1" I had from just laying some new floordoards ... I cut a trapezium sort of shape and then cut into the top edge the profile of the bottom of the screen ... the screen then slots into these which sit sticking out front and back and provide good stable support ... see crap ascii art below !!

BUT GET THE PROPER DESKTOP STAND ... it is really neat and very unobtrusive ... if you get a delay in getting the right colour then you can always take the other and use a can of spray paint !! generally the charcoal ones are harder to come by ... I guess panasonic thinks most 'pro' users with wall mount and makes less desktop stands in that colour ...

Don't use for long periods propped on floor ... the 37/42 series 4 does not have cooling fans and relies on the air circulation to keep it running right (and quiet)

[edit ... ascii art didn't work !!]


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Guys, thanks so much for your creative suggestions. As soon as I saw DIY I went white as a sheet and broke into a cold sweat :D

I emailed the supplier and after being told to wait another 3 weeks for delivery of the stand, I went off on one a bit and cancelled the order with them. I found one in stock within 5 minutes at empiredirect and it's coming on Friday :cool:

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