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To those of you who’ve had a front tooth crowned- what was your temporary crown like?
I’ve had preparation for front crowns , and it takes up to two weeks to get the permanent ones from the lab.
In the meantime I have temporary crowns made of ? Filler, which was first put into an impression of my original teeth. The teeth are not so deep as the original rough bottom edge on one, absorb stains from food and drink, so I have ugly, visible front teeth, which now look brown. I can’t bear to go two weeks like this, reluctant to smile and speak, due to feeling self conscious . I could have tolerated them if they were back teeth. I know people won’t notice as much as I think they will. I have left a phone message for my dentist asking if he can do anything to make them look better. Surely they could be coated with a white bonding agent, ? resin so that the surface is white and not a so absorbent? I realise they can’t be made too hard as they will need to come off easily, but in this day and age there must be better materials available? I know it’s only two weeks , but that’s a long time to me with teeth looking like this!
What was your experience of temporary crowns?


2 weeks to get a crown made from the lab sounds a bit excessive....unless its special metal crowns? You may find the crowns arrive at your dentists after a week or so.

Last year it took only 5 days for my zirconium (sp?) crown to arrive from the lab. The dentist didn't even bother putting a temporary crown after the first visit, he simply filled the tooth with a temporary white filling which did the job.


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My crowns are zirconium too, and they are in the front, so I was disappointed at the not very nice temporary crowns. My teeth had been prepped for the crowns, so could not just put a a temporary white filling in a tooth. My previous crown took two weeks too. The lab obviously has a lot of work to catch up on. My dentist said will ask the lab to try and send them a bit earlier, as he knows I am self conscious.

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