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Looking for a way to log 3-4 different temperatures in the house/garden and have the readings visible on my computer via a program of some sorts. Bonus if the program can display the information in pretty graphs and allow me to select how often temps are recorded.

Anyone know of what I need to be looking for as I keep coming across the USB temperature sensors but this is not what I need as that would mean I'd need a computer in each room and even using a pi would be a little OTT.

Doesn't need to be scientifically precise as it's purely for my to gauge room temps. so +/- 1-2degrees would be fine.


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i havent used them but netamo do wireless weather and room monitoring


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I've used this system in the past and it's exactly what you're looking for:


The larger box connects to the computer via usb. The smaller units are battery powered and go in the separate rooms, sending the temp data back. They're not plug and play but reasonably easy to set up. Very reliable I collected temp from 4 locations info over months and months with no problems.

More info here: AREXX Engineering MULTILOGGER
There's no stockist info on there but they seem to be on Amazon for £85 for the usb unit and 2 senders. However if you're interested I may be able to dig a set out that I could let you have for a reasonable price. Let me know and I can post a classified.

Otherwise the Logtags mentioned above look good but more labour intensive.
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