temperature...how low can you go?


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Does anyone out there know the safest lowest temperature that
a HCPC should be subjected to?
In the situation my HCPC is now in (I wont bore you with the details) it is considerably colder than the room temperature. I checked the temp. when I got up this morning, not particulary early, and the system temp. was 13 C, and the CPU temp. was 16 C. which rose pretty quickly. Are these sort of temeratures OK.




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The cooler electronics is, the better and more efficient it will run, generally. The problem comes however with condensation. Rapid changes in temperature leads to water being deposited on the components, and that = bad news. The temps you mention should be fine tho'


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As long as the room is dry there should not be a problem.


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As long as the room is dry there should not be a problem.

Some overclockers keep their PC at -20 in fridges :)

Doh, double post :p


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You don't want your electronic kit under water, but humidty is generally only an issue with tape based products?!

Still, better to be cool AND dry.


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Depends which component you're talking about, of course. I used to own a Kryotech PC which keeps the CPU cooled to below -40 degrees C (thus allowing you to up the clock sped by 33% without conventional overlocking problems).


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I used to run my pc with a vapochill and had cpu temps of -20 ..

only thing is condesation forming at those sorta temps....

But i think you will be just fine where it is ..could always try for a decent overclock with those low ambiant tmeps you have there;)


was sad to see it go...took my p4 1.8 to 2.8 stable.....gig overclock sounds very nice


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why keep it dry......you can get watercooling kits for your PC....

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As the others said, the cooler the better but watch out for 'chip creep' where the constant warming and cooling can sometime cause components to move in their slots and over time this can cause a problem. Of course if this does happen, then all you have to do is reseat the component.

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Do you remember Apollo 13 where they were very nervous about restarting the systems after they had almost frozen? The amount of condensation was a real worry.
This reminds me of a gig we played at Wolverhampton Poly when the venue was boiling hot. After we lugged all the gear in from the very cold van (having travelled from Sheffield to Wolverhampton on a Winter's afternoon) all the equipment including my electronic drum kit was soaked with condensation.
Luckily it worked fine, though.


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Thanks guys....looks like I dont really have to worry, the PC can stay where it is and not be a noise pollutant.

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